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ALLMAX- Waxy Maize 2300

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Cross-Linked Amylopectin Carb Fuel

Immediate Glycogen Mediated Muscle Volumizing
High Molecular Weight Polymerized Carb Fuel
Exclusive Multi-Patented Cross-Linked Amylopectin
Fuels Powerful and Intense Workouts
100% Sugar-Free, Mixes Easily with Zero Bloating and No Water  Retention


ALLMAX Waxy Maize 2300™ is a superior source of carbohydrate fuel. It has an extremely low osmolarity rate, meaning, it is absorbed and digested very well. With zero sugar and no gluten, it creates zero bloating and no water retention. With a molecular weight over 3000 times greater than dextrose, AWM2300™ has the ability to pull other notoriously difficult nutrients, such as Creatine, Beta-Alanine and Arginine, across the intestinal wall with it and increase their absorption.

AW2300 has a molecular weight over 3000 times greater than dextrose!

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Weight 3.0 lbs